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Modern Look Furniture Upholstery is a premier brand offering stylish and durable outdoor protection covers in Dubai. Our custom-made covers come in a variety of materials, including heavy-duty polyester, UV-resistant fabric, waterproof vinyl, breathable mesh, and reinforced nylon. Choose from a wide selection of designs and colors to match your outdoor decor perfectly.

Our covers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, resisting mold, mildew, stains, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting protection for your outdoor furniture. For added convenience, consider our easy-to-install and remove covers with adjustable straps and secure fastenings. We offer covers in various sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, round, and custom-fit options to suit your unique needs and preferences.

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We Provide Affordable Outdoor Protection Covers for Patio and Balcony Furniture


Give your outdoor spaces an inviting and well-maintained appearance with our stylish outdoor protection covers in Dubai. Whether you need covers for your patio or balcony furniture, we offer them at budget-friendly rates. Our high-performance protection covers not only enhance the look of your furniture but also ensure its longevity by protecting it from harsh weather conditions. We also provide luxury custom-fit covers to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor décor.

Occasional Discounts

Enjoy exceptional discounts on our high-quality outdoor protection covers. Keep an eye out for our occasional offers to save even more on your outdoor furniture essentials.

Seasonal Promotions

Take advantage of our special sales events to save on premium outdoor protection covers. Enjoy significant savings and keep your outdoor furniture in top condition year-round.

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