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The use of air curtains not only saves energy but also improves comfort and indoor air quality, which makes it much healthier. When choosing an air curtain, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors related to both the architecture and location of the building as well as the features of the curtain itself. In the catalogs we can find all the parameters, however, different suppliers do not agree which of the parameters plays a key role in the effective operation of the curtain. We are one of the Best Curtains in Dubai provider. Let’s try to analyze the phenomena occurring during the operation of the air curtain, to see what really determines its effectiveness.

The role of the air curtain is to create a pressure barrier capable of effectively securing the protected room against the ingress of outside air, which prevents thermal energy losses inside this room. The protective effect of the air curtain is to create a force capable of resisting the force of the invading external air. Using the principle of conservation of momentum, it can be stated that the outwardly directed momentum must have at least the same value as the inwardly directed momentum of the outside air.

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