Furniture Upholstery Dubai

You want to upholster your furniture and you do not know who to call? We cover everything you need, with many years of experience, design and manufacture of sofas and armchairs, upholstery in general, variety of fabrics, quality. Our advantages: economic prices, variety of fabrics, quality of the products and originality.


  • Design and own manufacture of frames for all types of seats, armchairs, headboards and sofas.
  • Restoration and arrangement of upholstered furniture.
  • Upholstery of cars, planes, boats.
  • Upholstery of chairs, stools, armchairs, armchairs, stools, sofas, chaise lounge.
  • Tapestries in homes, offices, offices, hotels, residences, discotheques, pubs, coffee shops, hospitals, day centers, companies.
  • Upholstery and sofa manufacture of different styles: contemporary, traditional French, Italian and Victorian campaign, and the elegant English Chester.

We collaborate with the best and most competent professionals in the furniture upholstery sector, who will look after for your well-being and comfort. We offer the best furniture upholstery Dubai, which adapt to your needs, any type of installation with the highest quality. We have a wide variety of colors, textures and prints as we work with the main cloth importers nationwide. We restore armchairs, sofas, living room sets, sectional sofas and upholstered furniture in general.