We are professionals in the Window Coverings in Dubailocation and known by our customized yet reasonable price of the window covering items. Our company offers comprehensive sewing decorations for individual clients, banquet halls, restaurants, wedding houses and hotels. Out of the ordinary designs and high-quality fabrics play the major role behind the overall popularity of our company. We focus on and fulfil window covering related expectations of every client. As a result, we make our clients satisfied and get new clients.

Window Coverings

We offer comprehensive sewing decorations for hotels, restaurants, wedding houses, banquet halls and individual clients. We provide high-class chair covers, tablecloths catering for intensive use, as well as skirting’s, window coverings, napkins and hotel bedding for the most demanding domestic and foreign customers. We have qualified staff and extensive contacts with fabric distributors from around the world. Each ordered product is reliably made. Its final quality is subjected to thorough inspection every time. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We make individually tailored chair covers for specific furniture models. We work based on proven textiles, as well as prepare products based on the materials entrusted to us. We offer smooth fabrics and a pattern that looks spectacular. We prepare simple and very decorative fashions, covering the legs of the furniture to a certain height or completely covering the piece of furniture.

Our chair covers are ideally suited to reputable dining venues, as well as important celebrations and parties. Their application immediately increases the aesthetics of the entire room. We prepare products in an individual way, matching the shape and size of the furniture. We work based on our own fabrics or on the basis of materials entrusted to us by customers. We create solutions with a class.